All-In-One Terminal Machine

  • What is a payment terminal system?

    A payment terminal system makes use of a payment terminal that interfaces with credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallet QR codes, that is linked to a desktop point-of-sale (POS) machine, in order to facilitate payments during transactions. The desktop POS/card payment solution unit records the transaction and transmits the transaction information to the bank’s host securely via the internet. Traditionally, both the payments terminal and the POS unit use proprietary hardware and software, but the current trend is moving away from that into software that may be loaded into any device that supports it, say a mobile phone, or a tablet.

  • Why choose PROMPTPAY all-in-one merchant payment terminal?

    For such a merchant, would it not be nice to have all card schemes under EMVCo, and all e-wallet service providers, certifying 1 single payment terminal for use? That, is our goal at Promptpay, to provide an all-in-one payment terminal. As of the time of writing of this piece, we have a payment terminal certified for use by Visa, MasterCard, MyDebit, UnionPay, and GrabPay, with Boost and Touch n’ Go in the pipeline, ready for inclusion within the next few months.

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